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Nita Hern (18.1.2011 13:05)
Johnny, Estelle (hidden by Sylvia) Baby Johnny and Beatrice
Nita Hern (18.1.2011 13:04)
Uncle Albert, Uncle Jake, Uncle Ferdinand and Aunt Estelle
Nita Hern (18.1.2011 13:02)
This is Uncles Albert and Ferdinand
Nita Hern (18.1.2011 13:01)
This is Aunt Estelle
NITA HERN (18.1.2011 12:59)
Nita Hern (18.1.2011 12:28)
Baby Johnny and Sylvia
Sophie Quave Horste (31.10.2010 23:24)
I'm not sure, but the woman on the left may be my mother, Elizabeth Motichek Quave.
Sophie Quave Horste (31.10.2010 23:22)
This is my mother, Elizabeth Motichek Quave, and father, Joseph Quave. We have a copy of this picture. We were always told that the woman on the left is Aunt Estelle.
Sophie Quave Horste (31.10.2010 23:19)
Yes, I'm pretty sure this is Johnny Motichek who married Ella Mae.
Francis Motichek (10.7.2010 14:01)
I think this is Uncle Johnny(married to Ella Mae) brother of Joe, George and Sr. Florentine.
Kelly D. Motichek (30.4.2010 6:56)
I believe that this is Johnny and Sylvia Motichek but I am not positive.
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