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L.J. and Sadie Motichek (25.10.2018 18:19)
They met in Covington Louisiana on March 14, 1948 (Sadie's 18th birthday) and married on May 9, 1948. L.J. died on December 26, 2004. Sadie is still living and a resident of Liberty Community Living Center nursing facility in Liberty Mississippi near her oldest daughter and nurse Diane Motichek-Vicknair.
L.J. and Sadie Motichek (25.10.2018 18:14)
This picture was taken between March and May 1948, the year they met and got married. His legal full name is Louis Frances Motichek Jr. Called L.J. for Louis Jr. Her legal full name is Sadie Mae Barnes Motichek
ushdce (23.9.2012 9:01)
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Nita Hern (18.1.2011 13:05)
Johnny, Estelle (hidden by Sylvia) Baby Johnny and Beatrice
Nita Hern (18.1.2011 13:04)
Uncle Albert, Uncle Jake, Uncle Ferdinand and Aunt Estelle
Nita Hern (18.1.2011 13:02)
This is Uncles Albert and Ferdinand
Nita Hern (18.1.2011 13:01)
This is Aunt Estelle
NITA HERN (18.1.2011 12:59)
Nita Hern (18.1.2011 12:28)
Baby Johnny and Sylvia
Sophie Quave Horste (31.10.2010 23:24)
I'm not sure, but the woman on the left may be my mother, Elizabeth Motichek Quave.
Sophie Quave Horste (31.10.2010 23:22)
This is my mother, Elizabeth Motichek Quave, and father, Joseph Quave. We have a copy of this picture. We were always told that the woman on the left is Aunt Estelle.
Sophie Quave Horste (31.10.2010 23:19)
Yes, I'm pretty sure this is Johnny Motichek who married Ella Mae.
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