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Jacob Motichek*

Also known as "Jake the Peddler"
Born May 1856

Jacob moved to the United States in the 1880's.
He made a Declaration of Intention to become a citizen on February 13, 1884
and became a citizen on November 11, 1898.

Married twice
First Wife: Mary Komich

Second Wife: Mary Jandcik
Born Dec 1871
Died September 5, 1947
Note: Mary's father's name was George Jandcik
(Like most Slovak names, there are several different spellings listed
in the different records. Some of the spellings that I found for Mary's last
name are: Janzik, Jandzik, Jandcik)

*I believe that the "Motichek" name was changed upon coming
to the United States. I have seen it spelled "Motichi"
on Jacob's passport and also on his citizenship papers.
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Kelly D. Motichek.

After much research, I now believe that the original
spelling of the Motichek name was "Motycik" or "Moticik". The letters
"y" and "i" are interchangeable in Slovak.
You can read more about this in the "Motichek Forum" under "Motichek Spelling".