Tuesday November 24, 2020

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Image of Motichek family

Sometime during the early 1880's, Jakob Motichek and his son Alois (Louis) arrived in the Madisonville, LA area where they lived on Turnpike Road. They were Slovaks and had come from Petrovice, Slovakia. While still in Petrovice, Jakob's wife Mary Komich Motichek died during childbirth.

After his first wife's death, Jakob married Mary Jancik of Vel'ke Rovne, Slovakia. Mary arrived in Madisonville in 1897. The couple had eight children.

Jakob was a tinsmith who made pots and pans. He peddled his wares on foot in the Madisonville area. Everyone in the area knew him as Jake the Peddler. After the turn of the century he continued to work as a peddler, but he no longer made his own wares.

Jakob died August 26, 1924.

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